Wing man worship symbolizes the desire for longevity and supernatural powers

The Kingdom of the Wing Man refers to a mythical country recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, in which the people were all in the shape of birds. Legend has it that the people of the Land of the Wing Man had wings and were able to fly. They are usually depicted as having the heads of birds and the bodies of men, and look very mysterious as they can spread their wings freely when flying.

There are different versions and interpretations of the legend of the Land of the wing men. In some of these versions, it is mentioned that the people of the Land of the wing men could communicate with the gods and could predict the future. In other versions, the people of the Land of the Wing Man are believed to be half-man, half-bird creatures who have the language and intelligence of humans, but also the ability of birds to fly freely through the sky. The legend of the Land of the Wing Man is a very mysterious and interesting one that depicts an imaginative and mysterious land of exploration and curiosity about the unknown.

The legend of the wing man was gradually utilized by Taoism

Taoism is an important part of . Its core concept is “Tao”, which represents and laws . Taoism pursues the realm of “Tao”, i.e., the eternal life that is the same as that of heaven and earth, and the same as that of the sun and the moon. In the belief system of Taoism, “becoming immortal” is an important concept, which represents the highest state of Taoism.”Immortalization” refers to the sublimation of one’s body and soul through cultivation, ultimately leading to an eternal life that is the same as that of heaven and earth, and the same as that of the sun and moon. This concept represents the core value of Taoism, which is the pursuit of immortality and eternal life. This pursuit reflects man’s love of life and fear of death, as well as his desire to transcend the limits of life.The concept of “becoming immortal” first appeared in the Chinese Taoist classic Zhuangzi (庄子), which was written during the Warring States period. Zhuangzi describes how many high achievers eventually realized their dream of “becoming immortal through feather transformation” through cultivation. These descriptions reflect the people’s desire to transcend the limitations of life and their longing for the realm of immortals.As time went by, the concept of “becoming immortal” gradually developed and took root in people’s hearts. During the founding and development of Taoism, this concept became one of the core beliefs of Taoism. Many famous Taoist figures, such as and Lu Dongbin, achieved immortality through cultivation. The transmission of these advanced and representative achievements to future generations has further deepened people’s belief in and pursuit of “becoming immortal”.

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