Nuwa Chinese Eve without partner much in love with her children


The story of Nuwa mending the sky is as well known to the Chinese as the story of Nuwa creating man. Legend has it that in ancient times, the sky collapsed and the world was plunged into a great disaster. Nuwa could not bear to see the suffering of the living beings, so she made five-colored stones to mend the sky, chopped off the feet of the divine ao to hold up the four poles, leveled the floods and killed the fierce beasts, and passed the yin and yang to get rid of the rebellious qi, so that all the living beings were able to live in peace and security.

Nuwa mending the sky

Nuwa, the great god in the sky, made clay dolls out of clay and then gave them life. From then on, Nuwa created human beings, who lived happily ever after for generations. However, the good times did not last long. One year, Zhu Rong, the god of fire, and Gong Gong, the god of water, fought a war. Gong Gong knocked down the pillar holding up the sky, Buzhou Mountain, and the sky collapsed in half, smashing a lot of holes and cracking the ground, causing floods on the ground and the water of the heavenly river to leak down, resulting in flooding on the earth. After the sky was broken, meteorites and fire kept falling from the broken holes in the sky, and human beings on the earth were either crushed to death by the meteorites or burned by the fire, and faced a great crisis of survival.

When Nuwa saw the tragedy of human beings hiding and having no place to stay, she felt very sorry for them. She then traveled all over the world, and in order to save the living beings, decided to pick stones to mend the sky, using five-colored stones to mend the sky, and then using the four feet of the East China Sea God turtle to hold the sky. Nuwa to find the five-color stone refining colorful crystals, has been broken like a fishing net like the sky a little bit of patch up, looking at the great work of mending the sky is about to be completed, but I can’t imagine that the five-color crystals run out, but found that the five-color stone is not enough to use, the broken sky is not yet mended. There is still a big hole in the sky, as long as there is still a hole, the sky will continue to crack at any time, in that case, the past work will be in vain, and all things will live forever in the earth has been like a purgatory, Nuwa painfully thought for a long time, but had to sacrifice their own lives, all the mud dolls cried red eyes.
After several efforts, Nuwa used her own body to fill the last big hole in the sky …… finally mended the sky, heaven and earth to restore peace, but also appeared colorful clouds and rainbows. All the creatures were alive again on the earth.

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